Comunicato stampa

Counting stars by candlelight,
all are dim but one is bright:
the spiral light of Venus,
rising first and shining best

(from Terrapin Station by Robert Hunter)



festa del fuoco di stromboli 2016 – l’albero della vita

From 27 August 2016 to 10 September 2016 the New edition of the Festa del Fuoco will be held on the island of Stromboli, with the theme being ” The Tree of Life“. Participating in the 2016 edition there will be numerous artists, with international artists many of whom have already participated in previous editions of the Festa del Fuoco who are giving their contribution to this special edition. Many are artists who teach and willingly share their art, experiences and expertise with residential workshops in the special, magical space of the “Parco Parco”. Underlining always the formative activity for the 2016 Festa del Fuoco “The Tree of Life” is of fundamental interest for the “Festa del Fuoco” Cultural Association.
The workshops in program are for the artists and also amateurs, who wish to enrich their experience and share this discipline with the public. The particular environment of this small volcanic island makes this a unique experience with the artists mixing and sharing with the public and creating an intimate atmosphere for this special event,
enabling many artists who will meet here for the first time to engage in new experiences, improvising and to share their knowledge.
The “Festa del Fuoco” represents a special occasion to visit the island in a less chaotic period, ideal for absorbing the sensual beauty of the island , with the creative contribution of the artists of the “Festa del Fuoco” .


Highly Flammable dalla Nuova Zelanda

Lucignolo e il Fuoco da Torre Annunziata

Lele Villari da Torino

Olivia e Pyrodanza da Milano e Costarica

Spiral dalla California

Boutique Chantante da Napoli

Bert Cornelis  dal Belgio

Solstix da Berlino

Funky Mamas dall’Austria

Maura Guerrera dalla Sicilia

and many more….